hosted phone systems

At Time Communications we understand that the Telecoms industry is changing rapidly, so we are constantly working to stay at the forefront of this, whilst offering a tested and resilient solution to our clients. 

It's Hosted, Just for You

This is the big one for us and why we are so adamant that our solution is the best. Every time we set up a new system for a customer, we set up a new virtual server in a UK data centre (with backups) which then runs the phone system for that specific client; there is no sharing of space with anyone else.

With many hosted systems, each new customer will simply take space on a much larger phone system, so this is in effect shared with numerous other clients.

With ours, we can offer quality, security, and service that simply can’t be matched.




With an On Premise system there is substantially more hardware involved, more set up required, and a greater level of ongoing support needed due to the potential of equipment failure. With a hosted solution the only hardware required specific to the phone system are the actual handsets themselves so even with any other costs needed to set up the system these are usually substantially less than an On Premise offering.

Additionally, ongoing support is much more straightforward and there is far less hardware to maintain so annual maintenance contracts are not needed.

On each of our Privately Hosted systems we can offer Unlimited Free Calls to most UK numbers which can drastically reduce costs, and in many cases cover the entire phone system and more.



Install Time 

With an On PremiseSolution there is a lot of kit that requires programming and installation, and there can be disruption on site.

With the Privately Hosted route, all the programming can be done from our office before we attend site and therefore not only do we have much shorter lead times, but when we are on site, if sockets are in place all we need to do is plug the handsets in and give training to each user, so we’re not in anyone’s way.


Historically if handsets are moved either through change of staff, or simply people switching desks, it may require reprogramming. This would certainly be the case if it was taken out of the main site to another location and plugged in elsewhere.

However, with the Privately Hosted solution, you can simply plug the handset into anywhere with an internet connection and it will boot up with all the saved details and can be used as normally just like the phones were plugged into the same office next to each other.



One of the drawbacks to an ‘old fashioned’ phone system was that there would always be a certain point where it would get full to capacity, and beyond this point your only option was to replace the phone system which led to large costs and disruption.

Now, because we can set the size of the virtual server, if capacity was reached it is simply a case of increasing the server size – no new hardware costs, and no disruption to service.





With historical phone systems, there would always be a point where a system would become end of life, either because it was discontinued by the manufacturer, or because it simply was not capable to the standards required with the evolution of technology.

As our Privately Hosted System is predominately software based, updates can simply be sent through and set to be installed overnight. Additionally if for some reason more processing power was required it would simply be a case of switching over servers; again a straightforward process.