ISDN Digital Switch Off

ISDN Digital Network to be Switched Off in 2025

What does this mean for you & should you be worried?



Technology is moving on... there are better and more efficient ways to make phone calls with Voice over IP, and BT accepts this. The IP network is far easier and more cost effective to maintain and with revenues from traditional telephony falling, it seems prudent that BT forces this move.




Although the only date currently set in stone is the switch off in 2025, initial consultations point to 2023 as the major turning point when no new connections can be ordered, and no support will be given to non IP connections. As such we would strongly recommend that connections are moved over by this point so as not to risk the potential or serious downtime.

To actually port a number is straightforward and we can normally do this in around 20 working days. We're happy to offer any guidance on porting numbers.



Should you be worried?

At this moment in time I would say that you shouldn't be worried; however you should certainly be considering a move and whether it is right for you.

In most occasions, a move to cloud telephony from ISDN can bring significant cost savings so it can always be worth looking from a cost perspecitive.

Additionally, as the deadline approaches and BT ramp up TV advertising and media coverage, the networks could become overwhelmed with companies switching across. In 2017 there were approximately 2 million BT ISDN connections, and 7.6 million fixed landlines which shows just how many connections actually need to migrate across.



Will I need to change my Phone System?


This depends on the system that you have in place. Many systems are hybrid and therefore IP compatible, however if it is a purely digital system then the likely answer is yes. Either way it is always a good opportunity to have a full review, as you may find with Privately Hosted Cloud Telephony that there are still benefits and cost savings to be had by switching the system completely and moving to the cloud.