BT are not Switching Off ISDN until 2025 & Your Phones will Definitely not Stop Working at the end of the Year – Even if a Salesperson tells you otherwise!!


Like many others, our industry has a reputation for selling & appointment setting through cold calling - I have absolutely no objection to this at all; but what I do find frustrating is the fact that some (I stress that it is only some) of these callers are giving false information – they’re downright lying!

I’ve had calls from our customers saying they’ve been informed from a Salesperson that “your phones will stop working” when BT cut ISDN by:

  • The end of the year…
  • Next year…
  • 2023…
  • 2025…

The main question from them is what to believe?

The truth is that the switch off won’t happen until 2025, likely the end of 2025 which gives everyone a good few years until you’ll be forced to do something.

Whilst it hasn’t been officially confirmed, the likelihood is that the sale of ISDN will be restricted from 2020 and support will be stopped from around 2023 although these are just guides from recent Openreach conferences.

Just like with the TV analogue switch off there will be media coverage leading up to this because there will be drastic changes required for the home market as analogue lines as we know it will cease to exist – keep your eyes out for these which I imagine will start in the next 12 months.


So…… whilst my recommendation would be to consider moving across to a Voice over IP solution in advance (there are often many benefits, and just like with anything don’t leave it until last minute!); at this stage there is nothing forcing you to do so, so if you do get a call informing you that your phones will stop working at the end of the year – you can respond safely in the knowledge that this is definitely not true.


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