Mitel 2380


  • Manufacturer: Mitel
  • Model: 2380


The MiVoice 2380 is a Softphone which brings the telephone to the PC. This makes it the perfect solution for home or remote workers, as it offers dialing, call handling, and information overview all at the click of a mouse.

The 2380 softphone is ideal for users working away from the main office. Through use of a VPN connection you are able to make, take, and transfer calls as if you were in the office through use of all features that would normally be present on a standard handset. All you need to do is to simply connect a standard, USB, or Bluetooth Headset, or if you would prefer, a standard USB handset is compatible.

Other features include:

  • Screen pop to alert the user on screen to incoming calls
  • Copy and paste dialling
  • Name dialling in addition to number dialling
  • High-quality audio
  • Local Outlook integration
  • Voice Recording
  • Management of calls directly on PC with mouse and keyboard