We Future Proof your Telecoms!

Time Communications supply, install and support telephone systems for clients all over the UK.


Since starting our business in February 2001, we have built up a reputation for providing our clients with a comprehensive and robust telephony service looking after and supporting their telecoms.
Many of our long-standing clients have been using analogue phone systems and digital ISDN phone systems and are now looking to future proof themselves by implementing a hosted PBX (hosted VoIP).
We are totally committed to cloud telephony and believe that the implementation of a cloud PBX (or hosted telephony) is now seen as the only viable telecommunication option for our clients, especially as we near the analogue switch off and digital switch off.

Expect more from The Cloud


What you can expect from The Cloud

Telephones that work – high call quality – extremely low call charges – fraud protection - disaster recovery – future proofing – low cost expansion opportunities – mobility – daily
back-ups – ability to easily add more features.


What you can expect from Us

Commitment – we will set up and maintain your new cloud system so you can get the most from it.
Clarity – we will answer your questions when asked and keep you informed of the progress of any ongoing tasks.
Support – it’s not just about ‘selling’ a phone system, it’s also about providing a long-term solution including an unrivaled support package.


What you can expect from This Website

Learn about what we do (our cloud solution) and our support package, what the cost of a Cloud Phone System may be, what is Voice over IP (VoIP) and SiP, and learn a little more about Time Communications.

Get in touch

We often see websites that are ‘bursting at the seams’ with so much information and huge amounts of images that any visitors tend to get overwhelmed and simply learn nothing!

Other websites are often just filled with statements with an underlying message of ‘we do everything and anything for everybody’
So welcome to our Website – where you can learn more about who we are, what we do and how we help our clients.
Here you will see a ‘window’ into Time Communications – hopefully you will see something that is of interest and if you’d like to learn more – then we can speak on the phone, set up a video call or arrange a time to meet in person.
The aim we have is to become the ‘telecoms manager’ for our clients; leaving them free to concentrate on what they know best – their own business.

You can expect more from The Cloud and you can expect more from Time Communications.

Jeffrey Cohen – Director
Nigel Braginton – Director