Hybrid cloud telephone systems for hybrid working

The consensus of opinion is that post-Covid, the business world will not return to how it was before March 2020 as hybrid working is becoming the new norm.

The trend to grow into larger premises will still be present, but not with the same appetite as organisations learn to use this new hybrid working as an opportunity to expand whilst not having to go through the ‘pain’ of taking on more space.

Most businesses will still retain a main office, however the trend for staff to work at home or small satellite offices will grow. This may be working from home full time, or it might mean hot desking – where members of staff rotate between office and home, sharing and rotating at the office workspace.

Hybrid telephony used to mean having a phone system that could connect to different types of phone lines (such as analogue, ISDN and SiP Cloud Lines). However, a cloud hosted hybrid telephone system now takes on a different role, one that can connect and support:

There are so many reasons why organisations are choosing hosted cloud telephone systems, Hybrid working is now one of the most important ones!

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