Is your business ready for hybrid working?

The pandemic has not only had a profound effect on society, it has also shaken up the way businesses do business.

Until recently most employees were used to going into work five days a week, but when Covid hit, companies had to rethink their entire processes to accommodate what had become ‘the new normal’.

Those businesses that couldn’t – or wouldn’t – adapt fell on hard times, while those that thought differently survived to trade another day. A large part of how this was achieved was down to the use of cloud-based phone systems which allowed companies to enable staff to work from home (or wherever was practical) so they could continue to operate.

An unexpected consequence of utilising this technology, however, has been the appetite of staff to continue to work remotely now that normal service has (almost) been resumed.


Building a better work-life balance

Many employees who experienced working from home, want to continue doing so – if not all the time, then at least some of the time. Covid has demonstrated that, contrary to some employers’ suspicions, staff are just as productive working from home, so it’s no longer necessary for them to be in the office every day.

For employees, it means they can fit domestic tasks in around their working day, freeing up what would be their commute time to spend with family, on hobbies or simply relaxing a bit more.

A flexible phone system will allow workers to connect seamlessly with customers and each other no matter where they are working from.

Companies that implement systems which offer staff the best of both worlds are far more likely to have a satisfied workforce. This reduces churn, projects a modern corporate image and attracts new talent.



A flexible phone system makes hybrid working simple. It operates via the internet so it doesn’t matter where your staff are. Being a cloud-based platform, as long as there is an internet connection, they can make contact with you and your customers.

Also, unlike a traditional fixed Private Branch Exchange (PBX), flexible phone systems can integrate with other forms of communication technology, such as video calls and group conference calls as well as instant messaging platforms.


Fad or the future?

Now that employees have experienced how easy it is to work from home, there is an appetite for this practice to continue. In fact, according to figures released by the Office of National Statistics, in its Business and Individual Attitudes Towards the Future of Homeworking report, 85% of adults currently homeworking, wanted to use a hybrid approach of both home and office working in the future.


In a nutshell

A cloud-based phone service is not only far cheaper than a traditional PBX, it allows you to take a much more flexible approach to business. Better still, it gives your workforce the choice to come into the office or not.

Either way, the work is still being done and your customers are still being serviced, so everyone’s a winner.

If you’re thinking about implementing a new phone system, Time Communications is a specialist in providing businesses with tailored cloud-based phone networks that suit the needs of the individual business, now and going forward.


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