office 135 dect handsets: important announcement

We have recently learnt that Mitel will be ceasing the manufacture of the ‘Office 135’ DECT Handsets with immediate effect. As such these are no longer available and whilst will still be supported by us with regards to programming etc. we will be unable to replace them if necessary. If a unit develops a fault we will be unable to replace the handsets, but will endeavor to repair the units where possible.

The critical point is to the model number of the radio transmitter. If the radio transmitter is the model ‘SB4+’ then the upgrade path is more straight forward in that a newer model of the handset will be compatible. If however, the radio transmitter is the ‘SB4’ model the upgrade will be more major in that new handsets will require a newer model of the transmitter.

We will be contacting our clients in the near future to discuss the appropriate upgrade path.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please feel free to contact the office on 0113 2059640 or emailĀ [email protected]

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