Hosted PBX

What is ‘The Cloud’ and why should we adopt it?

The UK has traditionally relied on legacy copper cabling in the Openreach network. As technology progresses this infrastructure is becoming untenable mainly due to there being not enough capacity and also the fragility of what is in situ. This is why Openreach are shutting down all ISDN services and migrating them to The Cloud’; this migration from ISDN to The Cloud is often referred to as The Digital Switch Off or The Analogue Switch Off.

VoIP (Voice over IP) which is now spoken about as a Cloud PBX, Hosted PBX or Hosted VoIP has been with us since the late 1970s, but didn’t really become a viable proposition until the early 2000’s when Hosted Phone Systems first started appearing.

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Hosted Telephony

Hosted PBX Telephony simply put, means that the telephone system software is located in a data centre and all that is required to connect to this is a telephone with a secure connection to the internet. Yes there’s a lot more to this and we’re happy to go into a more in-depth explanation if you want.

Many Hosted Phone Systems offer a ‘shared’ system where possibly thousands of users are connected to and share a single solution. These tend to be the lowest cost solution and understandably not everyone is comfortable sharing with others.

Our ‘Micro Cloud’ solution operates on this basis and is a Hosted PBX, more details are shown on the next page and is the perfect hosted telephone system for the smaller business.
Our ‘Hosted Cloud’ solution offers the software running in a UK data centre solely and dedicated for our client and not shared with anyone else. This Hosted VoIP solution is perfect for any size organisation. More details are shown on the next page .

Occasionally due to clients own wishes or possibly network restrictions, we are asked to provide an on-premise solution (no need for software to be hosted in The Cloud) that is connected to the Cloud by SiP trunks (VoIP lines). Our ‘Hybrid Cloud’ solution is an on-premise system with all the features and benefits associated with a fully hosted PBX. More details are shown on the next page.

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