ISDN Shutdown

What will this mean for you?

ISDN Shutdown

In November 2017 BT announced the analogue switch off and the digital switch off meaning that by the close of 2025 all ISDN Digital Services will be shut down by Openreach. Before then, all users will have had to make alternative arrangements for their telephony.

Notices called ‘Stop Sell’ have been announced in two trial areas from 1st December 2020. Meaning that from 12 months later no new ISDN services can be ordered.

Stop Sell notices are also planned for 117 other areas commencing 29th June 2021.

‘Stop Sell’ for the rest of the UK is planned for September 2023.

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What will this mean for you?

It may mean nothing will change at all depending on what you are already using.

It may mean that your current phone lines need changing to ‘Cloud Lines’ (SiP); your phone system may need some additional equipment or a possible software upgrade.

It may be that your current system and handsets are not able to connect to ‘Cloud Telephony’ in which case you will need to consider changing to a cloud PBX.

On most occasions, a move from ISDN to a hosted telephone system can bring significant cost savings and feature benefits so it is worth considering an upgrade now rather than leaving it to the last minute.

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