superconnected cities government scheme extended until march 2016

For those that have not heard about the Superconnected cities scheme which has been pushed over the last year or so; the Government is offering Grants (yes Grants not loans!) of up to £3,000 to SMEs in one of 22 cities across the UK, to upgrade their broadband by covering the cost of installation for Superfast Broadband and Leased lines – no catch! Further benefits are available for multiple companies in the same premises all wanting to upgrade.

The scheme was supposed to end in March of 2015, however this has recently been extended to March 2016 given businesses more time to take advantage of the scheme.

As a supplier we have seen the benefits that this can provide to SMEs – with approximately 5,000 connection vouchers having been issued to date.

For any more information on the scheme, or how to apply, please do feel free to drop me an email on [email protected] and I’ll be happy to discuss it further.

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