VOIP and the importance of security

Voice over IP and the Importance of Security

We regularly read about security when it comes to IT and data, with talk of breaches & hacks (WannaCry, etc.); however there is very little talk when it comes to Telecoms fraud.

But in my opinion we should be shouting about VoIP security and making sure everyone is protected against potential threats. To put into context how prevalent Telecoms fraud is, back in 2013 (so I expect this figure to be substantially higher now) a BBC Radio 4 report gave evidence of over 40 companies reporting Telecoms fraud costing on average £21,000.

More recently TalkTalk surveyed 1,000 SMEs and found a quarter of these businesses had fallen victim to fraud with the average cost being over £12,000 on average.

For advice on how to protect yourself against fraud and hacking there is more advice on a previous blog: www.time-tele.com/news/news/post/7-top-tips-to-prevent-telecoms-fraud-

However, if you’re struggling to make these changes yourself, or worried about a self-installed solution – we can help implement and manage a secure solution to keep you safe.


VoIP Security from Nick Cohen on Vimeo.

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