We’re tied into a contract on our business phone lines but looking to upgrade to VoIP – what can we do?

When we are speaking with companies about upgrading their telephone system, something that commonly occurs is that the company is still under contract with a previous supplier – and so this can create problems when trying to move for two reasons:

  • The old provider may be charging considerably more than the new supplier
  • If moving to a newer technology such as Voice over IP, and the contract is for ISDN or analogue lines, either the contract cannot be changed, or you have no option other than to use the old provider.


Historically; when purchasing a new digital system whilst still under contract, the options would have either been to have a different line and different system provider, or to buy the old contract out which could vary in cost based on how long is remaining.

However, when upgrading to Voice over IP there is a third option which can often be used to bypass the need to leave the existing provider, but also make huge future savings. The following is an example of how this method can be used, and also with real costs on a recent project:


Current Environment

  • Digital phone system using ISDN lines, looking to upgrade system to Voice over IP, tied into contract
  • Current lines with well-known telecoms provider, tied in until March 2021, 8 channels of ISDN2, exit penalty of over £10,000


Time Solution

  • Implement a Mitel 400 system which is hybrid and so can run on multiple technologies at any given time.
  • Install our SIP solution (Voice over IP) along with existing ISDN lines
  • Install an ISDN card for the current ISDN lines, so that incoming calls will come in on these lines.



  • The client has access to the benefit of the newer technologies with all the benefits of VoIP, but still has the old lines, and by receiving calls over these does not break their agreement with existing supplier.
  • Users do not experience any difference whilst using multiple technologies, it will function seamlessly.
  • In the above scenario, by making use of the Time Communication cheaper call rates rather than the existing lines, the client saved over £7,000 in comparison to what they would have done by using only the existing lines, and they had no exit charges to pay at all.
  • When the current contract expires in 2021 then we can use our solution fully, and so this would reduce their monthly spend even further.


If you are in a similar position and want to look at upgrading to Voice over IP or are tied into a contract but interested in leaving, do get in touch with us here.

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