“Do I really have to prepare for the ISDN switch off – plenty of businesses haven’t yet changed their systems”…

Since the announcement in 2015 that BT will be switching off all digital ISDN and analogue lines in 2025, a significant number of forward-thinking businesses have already made the investment into cloud telephony. But there are still a huge number of businesses that haven’t, for various reasons:

  • “2025 is still a long way away”… it really isn’t! With a period of ten years from announcement to completion, we’re already past the halfway mark!
  • “So many others haven’t yet implemented cloud telecoms”….. you might just be wrong here! Some older looking systems have the ability to be upgraded, so what you can see may be hiding the cloud telephony behind the scenes. Feel free to get in touch, tell us what system you have and we’ll let you know what options you have.
  • “Why can’t I leave it until 2025 before I upgrade”? Well you can of course, but…
  • With free phone calls
  • With much lower line rentals
  • With no annual maintenance charge
  • Lower handset prices
  • More system features given without cost

We find that a significant number of clients who upgrade to Cloud Telephony pay less on a like-for-like basis than they do now. In many cases, the savings over the next three years cover the actual upgrade cost.

  • “I’m not sure how we are going to work post Covid and what we need from our telephone system” … one thing is certain, if your old system isn’t coping now, it probably won’t in the future either. A cloud system offers so much more flexibility such as:
    • The ability to quickly divert numbers to multiple devices
    • The ability to work from home as though you are in the office
    • The ability to work from your smartphone using a cloud system app
    • The ability to work from your desktop using a cloud system app
    • If you want to record telephone calls made from your smartphone – you can!

No-one is forcing you to change your system now, but we suggest you don’t leave it too long!

You might just find out how much less it costs than you thought

You might just find out how much a cloud system can help you in the new, ‘hybrid’ way of working

And if you do leave it too late, our photo shows you some interesting uses for those old telephone curly cords and handsets when they stop working!


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